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WinkBeds Mattress Review

The WinkBeds mattress has grown quite a good reputation due to many features that would certainly cater to many types of sleepers. With a mission to create the most comfortable and handmade mattresses in the United States, the brand has surely shaken up the wellness industry. However, does the concept of the WinkBeds mattress translate well into actual performance? Is it so good comparing to Ikea Mattress Reviews?

Who Should Be Interested in This Mattress

We believe that couples who sleep on the same bed will love the WinkBeds mattress. Additionally, sleepers who are tired of sleeping hot should take notice of this. This is also the mattress for you if you’re looking for something that is affordable yet all-American and premium in quality. People who want to acquire products that are handmade and sustainably sourced will love the fact that WinkBeds is intent on being as eco-friendly as possible.

What Type of Mattress Is This

WinkBeds mattresses come in a variety of sizes to suit your preferences and they are only made once you’ve made an order. Twin-sized and Twin XL-sized WinkBeds mattresses only go for $749 and $849, respectively. A full-sized mattress will only cost you $999. Moving up, Queen-sized mattresses are at $1,299 while the King-sized variant is at $1,488. The two final sizes are the California King and the Split King, which are respectively priced at $1,549 and $1,698.

You can opt to have a coolControl base costing at least $1600 and as much as $2800, depending on the size of the WinkBeds mattress you will order. Basically, the coolControl base only works with the company’s mattresses and allows you to customize its temperature on each of its sides. The patented technology filters the air from the mattress to the sleep surface. Simply put, we didn’t have any incidences of badly sleeping hot thanks to this upgrade.

For those seeking a standard foundation with a height of five inches, WinkBeds provides them starting at $100 and going up to as much as $300. Except for the king-sized version, all of the mattress foundations will just arrive in one piece. You can use your old box springs, but they risk being insufficient to support the mattress. If you’re going to invest in a mattress, you might as well buy the recommended low-profile foundation. Regardless of your preferences, take note that they offer free shipping.

How It Is Made

Another feature WinkBeds applied is the TENCEL technology, which utilizes a special fabric that’s surprisingly soft, cool, and absorbent. The company works hard to keep operations sustainable, and TENCEL fabric is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. With such a quality fabric, there were no bed bugs or dust mites whatsoever. Likewise, the Micro Air-Springs foam blend complements the fabric by evaporating moisture and enhancing the airflow. You cannot go wrong with WinkBeds mattresses if your top priority is the temperature.


Temperature control was fantastic as no unfavorable and heat issues were experienced using the WinkBeds mattress. As for the firmness, there are some hiccups. First, let’s discuss the good points of the provided support. Located under the Micro Air-Springs is a cotton layer that ideally supports the lumbar and generally eases pressure around one’s lower back. After several sleeping occasions, we think that the lumbar support did a stellar job.

WinkBeds does have pretty great customer service and delivery options. Aside from offering a free delivery, the company will do whatever it can to help you with your concerns. They have a 101-day trial, which should be more than enough for you to decide whether you want it or not. If you want to return the mattress, they’ll pick it up at no cost. If you do like the WinkBeds mattress, they are also more than willing to take away your old mattress.


Now, the tempered pocket coil base should have remedied back pain, but it failed to do so. In contrast, the WinkBed mattress actually led to some issues. While we had nothing but praise for the cool and adjustable temperature using the WinkBeds mattress, this selling point was undermined by the firmness. Instead of being soft and comfortable, it proved to be quite hard to sleep on. There was no doubt that the material was durable, but the amazing softness was seemingly sacrificed for this.

Aside from the fact that it was too firm to sleep on, there was also quite a strong smell coming from the memory foam. Thankfully, this dissipated within two to three weeks. If you don’t like such a memory foam odor, you should probably stay away initially. Other than this, couples will appreciate the fact that this excels in terms of motion isolation. No longer do you have to worry about waking up the other person if you want to get up.

Final Remarks

All in all, the only gripes we have with the mattress is the initial strong odor and the firmness. We think that the WinkBeds mattress exceeds in delivering a cool sleep thanks to splendid air circulation and temperature adjustment. Furthermore, WinkBeds handles body indentations and motion isolation greatly to satisfy many sleepers. Finally, you are assured of a 10-year non-prorated warranty, which means you do not have to pay for any replacements or repairs. If you think that’s a great deal, you should definitely consider the WinkBeds mattress.

What is Memory Foam

The memory foam  brings up the problem of sleeping as to be a real issue in today’s society. People work too much and they need a restful sleep in order to replenish their strengths. The mattress, pillows and beddings in general will help out shape a really nice sleeping environment which will secure the idea of safety and comfort. The invention of the memory foam was a big leap forward in terms of comfort. Even if initially this material was invented by NASA, it never got into the space missions. But it sure got into the beds of many people worldwide.

The major point of this memory foam is that it does quite an interesting thing. The mattress or pillow will actually mould to your body shape. When you sit or lie on such a surface, it uses the body heat to imprint the shape. If you leave it, the memory foam will turn to its normal position. The quickness of this transition is given by the density and the quality of the memory foam which is available for sale.

These magical properties are given by the polyurethane. Of course, this chemical interacts with other substances so that the density and the memory of the mattress are increased. Some people know this foam under the name of viscoelastic. The memory foam has undergone many scientific processes and it is known to be great at supporting the entire body. The actual feeling described by many people is that of a simple hug during the sleep. What actually happens is that the memory foam will not cause as much stress on the muscles like a normal mattress.

Because people sleep a lot during their lives, it is vital that they do not suffer from any pains or aches after a night of full sleep. In most cases, these feelings are caused by the poor quality of the pillows and mattress. It has been reported that the use of memory foam pillows and mattresses as decreased these pains and has made people increase their life quality. Most doctors will recommend people to use these mattresses in order to get better rest. The whole idea is based on a nice posture during the sleep time.

The reality is that such mattresses tend to be more expensive. But it is not a problem because sleep is even dearer. If a person does not get the necessary rest, he may be suffering from a constant tiredness. This will lead to poor performances in work and will affect the entire life. The better sleep memory foam might cost a little more than the normal bedding. The advice is not to get cheap with these things. You should never buy a cheap mattress because it does not offer the same amount of comfort. Also, it will fall apart quite quickly and you will need to change it more often.

The secret to a quality memory foam mattress or pillow is that of quality. The clients need to buy the best thing that their budget may get them. This is the only way to make sure that their life will actually improve.

The Most Reliable Review Among All Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Memory foam mattress reviews is definitely helpful for other buyers when choosing what brand of memory foam mattress to purchase. These memory foam mattress reviews provide knowledge to the potential buyer of the product and give ideas on whether a user should buy a certain product or not. There are many memory foam mattress reviews that are available on the internet. The only problem is identifying which among these memory foam mattress reviews are the reliable ones.

Have you already read too many memory foam mattress reviews? Do you know which one among these numerous memory foam mattress reviews should you believe? Worry about that no more! You just stumble on the right page that will give you an honest review of a memory foam mattress. You no longer have to confuse yourself which among the memory foam mattress reviews on the internet says the real thing. This review will be based from the personal experiences of the people who are currently using memory foam mattresses.

How Does the Memory Foam Mattress Benefit You?

1.)    Memory foam mattress helps you prevent headaches, jaw ache, migraines, teeth grinding, and tinnitus.

2.)    The memory foam mattress helps you align your joints and nerves in the correct alignment. This helps in alleviating tension pain and reducing discomfort when sleeping.

3.)    The memory foam mattress can also reduce problems that have something to do with the frozen shoulder syndrome.

4.)    The memory foam mattress lessens your hip irritations and pains by reducing your pressure points. It serves as one of the best support after major operations and during the recovery of your body.

5.)    A good quality memory foam mattress eases problems that are caused by Achilles tendon, restless leg syndrome, and sore ankles.

6.)    The memory foam mattress assists in correcting your body posture to alleviate any kind of rib and ribcage pain. It enhances our breathing and eases respiratory complications.

One thing is definitely common among all memory foam mattress reviews. The common thing among these reviews is that it all states that a memory foam mattress will help you get a better sleep. It is true that you will enjoy your good night sleep once you lay down in a good quality memory foam mattress. Aside from a better sleep at night, you will also enjoy the health benefits of the memory foam mattress stated above. Experience an excellent sleep with a memory foam mattress and be the next one to share your numerous memory foam mattress reviews.

The Best Features of an 8-Inch Small Double Memory Foam Mattress

Try looking for a best memory foam mattress review on an 8-inch small double memory foam mattress if you and your partner always experiencing back and neck pain after a night’s sleep on your mattress. You’re probably using the wrong mattress. This article can provide information on memory foam can help alleviate the symptoms of back and neck pain.

Many are bothered by sleepless nights, which may be due to the wrong bed size and mattress. A memory foam mattress is especially designed to accommodate pressure points and relieve pains frequently experienced at the back and neck. Disruptions during sleep may shorten and reduce the quality of sleep, thus resulting in sleep deprivation. Refusing to acknowledge the importance of a mattress in the quality of sleep may lead to chronic sleep deprivation. However, using a memory foam mattress, your quality of sleep will be improved. The basic features of an 8-inch memory foam for a double bed is a thick mattress suitable for people having problems getting out of bed. It is made of the high density memory foam that conforms to any unique body shape.

The best support is ensured by the orthopedic reflex foam at the base of the mattress. The muscles and joints that are not usually supported by the traditional mattress are completely supported by this kind of mattress. It also has a cover that is anti-dust mite, resists oil and residues, and anti-bacterial.

Most manufacturers offer a 5-year guarantee for the 8-inch memory foam. Its durability is the best because it can last for up to two decades. The standard size of the memory foam for double beds is 53.14 x 75 inches. Some manufacturers even offer free pillows also made of memory foam. The size and comfort suits couples who want more intimacy even with a smaller bed. Since this is made of memory foam, movements do not disturb sleep because the foam absorbs movements.

Product Features

Definitely, you’re a sure winner if you purchase an 8-inch small double memory foam mattress. It has several benefits and features based on memory foam mattress review that you can definitely appreciate for a very long time:

Great for couples

Disperses and equalizes body weight

Firm support for the spinal cord

One issue about memory foam is the chemical smell due to offgassing. To minimize this problem, air out the product for at least 24 hours and cover it immediately. If you like all the benefits and possible uses of 8-inch small double memory foam mattress discussed in this memory foam mattress review, purchase one to increase the length and quality of your sleep.

Comparing or Buying Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses come in different brands, and every manufacturer aims to meet the standards in producing the product. Though this may be the case, there are still some, who deviates from what is required. As a result, imitations or sub-standard products are still produced, and sold in the market.

How to Check the Memory Mattress

Despite this, not all buyers are aware on how to examine the original memory foam mattress from the imitation.  The original memory mattress comes with distinct features that every buyer should be aware of. Since scrutinizing a memory pillow is a challenging task, here are the things that you should know before you buy:

First, take a look at the density. A mattress that is heavier at around 4 pounds or more contains more “memory”. Moreover, mattresses with more density last longer and are more durable.

Check if the mattress follows the contour of the body. This is the distinct feature of the memory foam, so make sure to have it. To test it, lie down on the mattress and see of it follows your body shape and returns to the original shape afterwards.

Memory foam mattresses don’t contain box spring. Don’t buy the memory foam if you are looking for a traditional box spring type.

Make sure to take note of the warranty period. Memory mattresses usually carry lifetime warranties. The longer the warranty, the better.

The price is also a big indication. Memory mattresses are known to be way more expensive than the regular mattresses. If you are being offered a cheap memory mattress, you may want to think twice.

Comparing Foam Mattress and Mattress Toppers

As mentioned earlier, the thicker your memory mattress is, the more “memory” you can get. In order to make it thicker, mattress toppers are being used, and they can also give additional comfort. However, users should be very vigilant when buying since they might only get mattress toppers instead of the memory foam mattress.

Mattress toppers commonly come in three kinds: synthetic latex, memory, and natural latex.  The synthetic latex gives comfort and support just like the natural latex, but not the benefits. On the other hand, natural latex contains anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic components that make it used by many. Lastly, memory foam is the most common option that usually sinks into, while providing minimal support.

The reason for buying memory foam mattress is mainly because of the health benefits that it can give. So, if you are willing to spend that much just to get a comfortable sleep, make sure that the one you’ll buy is authentic and genuine memory foam mattress.

Benefits of Using Memory Foam Pillows

Memory Foam Pillows

Just like memory foam mattresses, memory foam pillows also have their own benefits. In addition to the comfort they give, they also provide some health benefits that most users love. Just like the memory mattresses, the memory foam pillows are also made of polyurethane material, where each cell is filled with air. With traditional pillows, they return to their original shape when not in use, whereas with memory pillows, they follow the shape of the head and neck for outmost comfort.

Types of Memory Pillows

The manufacturers of memory pillows created a variety, so they now come in two kinds. They are as follows:

Neck pillow – This is made in a form of wave or rolls shape, and especially caters those who need support in the spine and neck while at rest. This type of pillow promotes healthy sleeping habits, and should be used the proper way to get all the benefits.

Foam pillow – This resembles the traditional shape of a pillow, and made as an alternative to the regular-shaped pillows. Unlike other kinds of pillows, this memory pillow follows the shape of both the head and neck for comfort and support while at sleep.

Benefits of Using Memory Foam Pillows

If the memory mattress is proven to give several advantages, memory pillow is also designed to improve the way on how people sleep. This product helps two kinds of people: those who have neck and head discomfort, and those who just want to rest comfortably. In addition, here are more benefits that users can get: With the use of a memory pillow, users can avoid having headaches, stiff necks and interrupted sleep. This is designed to give a rest that is comfortable and relieving.

It supports the neck properly, which is commonly a target of muscle pain such as stiff neck.

It is also proven to complete the alignment of the spine. As a result, it decreases the stress on the neck, reduces pressure points, and provides better rest for the whole body.

It also helps in reducing snoring since it aligns the breathing passages.

For those with sensitive skin, this is perfect to use since it is made with hypoallergenic materials, and a zip-off cover. Moreover, it can resist dust mites.

Memory foam pillows are very convenient to use since they come in different sizes. Users can choose from the travel size up to the standard size of 24 inches long. In this way, it can brought along anywhere especially for long hour travel.