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WinkBeds Mattress Review

The WinkBeds mattress has grown quite a good reputation due to many features that would certainly cater to many types of sleepers. With a mission to create the most comfortable and handmade mattresses in the United States, the brand has surely shaken up the wellness industry. However, does the concept of the WinkBeds mattress translate well into actual performance? Is it so good comparing to Ikea Mattress Reviews?

Who Should Be Interested in This Mattress

We believe that couples who sleep on the same bed will love the WinkBeds mattress. Additionally, sleepers who are tired of sleeping hot should take notice of this. This is also the mattress for you if you’re looking for something that is affordable yet all-American and premium in quality. People who want to acquire products that are handmade and sustainably sourced will love the fact that WinkBeds is intent on being as eco-friendly as possible.

What Type of Mattress Is This

WinkBeds mattresses come in a variety of sizes to suit your preferences and they are only made once you’ve made an order. Twin-sized and Twin XL-sized WinkBeds mattresses only go for $749 and $849, respectively. A full-sized mattress will only cost you $999. Moving up, Queen-sized mattresses are at $1,299 while the King-sized variant is at $1,488. The two final sizes are the California King and the Split King, which are respectively priced at $1,549 and $1,698.

You can opt to have a coolControl base costing at least $1600 and as much as $2800, depending on the size of the WinkBeds mattress you will order. Basically, the coolControl base only works with the company’s mattresses and allows you to customize its temperature on each of its sides. The patented technology filters the air from the mattress to the sleep surface. Simply put, we didn’t have any incidences of badly sleeping hot thanks to this upgrade.

For those seeking a standard foundation with a height of five inches, WinkBeds provides them starting at $100 and going up to as much as $300. Except for the king-sized version, all of the mattress foundations will just arrive in one piece. You can use your old box springs, but they risk being insufficient to support the mattress. If you’re going to invest in a mattress, you might as well buy the recommended low-profile foundation. Regardless of your preferences, take note that they offer free shipping.

How It Is Made

Another feature WinkBeds applied is the TENCEL technology, which utilizes a special fabric that’s surprisingly soft, cool, and absorbent. The company works hard to keep operations sustainable, and TENCEL fabric is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. With such a quality fabric, there were no bed bugs or dust mites whatsoever. Likewise, the Micro Air-Springs foam blend complements the fabric by evaporating moisture and enhancing the airflow. You cannot go wrong with WinkBeds mattresses if your top priority is the temperature.


Temperature control was fantastic as no unfavorable and heat issues were experienced using the WinkBeds mattress. As for the firmness, there are some hiccups. First, let’s discuss the good points of the provided support. Located under the Micro Air-Springs is a cotton layer that ideally supports the lumbar and generally eases pressure around one’s lower back. After several sleeping occasions, we think that the lumbar support did a stellar job.

WinkBeds does have pretty great customer service and delivery options. Aside from offering a free delivery, the company will do whatever it can to help you with your concerns. They have a 101-day trial, which should be more than enough for you to decide whether you want it or not. If you want to return the mattress, they’ll pick it up at no cost. If you do like the WinkBeds mattress, they are also more than willing to take away your old mattress.


Now, the tempered pocket coil base should have remedied back pain, but it failed to do so. In contrast, the WinkBed mattress actually led to some issues. While we had nothing but praise for the cool and adjustable temperature using the WinkBeds mattress, this selling point was undermined by the firmness. Instead of being soft and comfortable, it proved to be quite hard to sleep on. There was no doubt that the material was durable, but the amazing softness was seemingly sacrificed for this.

Aside from the fact that it was too firm to sleep on, there was also quite a strong smell coming from the memory foam. Thankfully, this dissipated within two to three weeks. If you don’t like such a memory foam odor, you should probably stay away initially. Other than this, couples will appreciate the fact that this excels in terms of motion isolation. No longer do you have to worry about waking up the other person if you want to get up.

Final Remarks

All in all, the only gripes we have with the mattress is the initial strong odor and the firmness. We think that the WinkBeds mattress exceeds in delivering a cool sleep thanks to splendid air circulation and temperature adjustment. Furthermore, WinkBeds handles body indentations and motion isolation greatly to satisfy many sleepers. Finally, you are assured of a 10-year non-prorated warranty, which means you do not have to pay for any replacements or repairs. If you think that’s a great deal, you should definitely consider the WinkBeds mattress.